This question was closed as not appropriate to the site. I agree with that. But I think it is appropriate to academia.stackexchange.com.

I started to cast a re-open vote but that looks boolean & I'm not sure I'll have the opportunity to flag it as needing to be moved before it's reopened. And it's really not appropriate to re-open it on this site.

So... now what?


If you want to request that something be migrated to a site other than meta, you need to raise a custom flag (flag -> in need of moderator intervention). Only moderators can migrate questions at this stage to any other site.

You don't need to reopen the question before doing that, though.

If a moderator agrees with your flag, they will reopen the question and migrate it themselves, as their vote is binding1. You can still flag, even if you've voted to reopen.

1What really happens is that voting to migrate closes the question as off-topic, deletes the answers, locks the post and recreates the question and answers on the target site, leaving only a redirecting 'stub' here.


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