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Teachers: share your knowledge

Occasionally, there are crazy question-answer ratios because of users who mostly answer questions - these people obviously have tons of knowledge they can share. With this in mind, since we want to ...
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Users shouldn't be told they're asking the wrong question

One of the things people hate about Stack Overflow is that when they ask a question of the form "How do I do X in Y?", they get answers of the form "You shouldn't do X" or "...
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Two answers for one question

In reviewing the answers to How can I show the value of best practices? I developed, and wrote up, an answer that I think is good. Which isn't saying that the other answers are not. Then, when I went ...
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What should we do with low quality answers?

Many of the questions on our site are answerable with a sentence or two. Even the most complex questions on our site could be answered in only a couple sentences. Those answers are not very likely to ...
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