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Development Environments used in Education

This post is experimental and may disappear. It is in progress and will change Development Environments useful for educators Java Eclipse is a full featured development environment. It is open source....
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0 answers

Organizations for CS Educators

This post is an experiment. It may disappear Organizations for Educators SIGCSE SIGCSE is the Special Interest Group for CS Educators within the ACM. Membership is inexpensive. SIGCSE and associated ...
1 vote
0 answers

Useful Resources for CS Educators (Index)

This post is an experiment - it may disappear. It is also in process and will be updated frequently. This is an index to other posts that detail useful resources of various kinds Mailing Lists ...
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Mailing Lists for Educators

This post is an experiment. It may disappear Mailing lists for Educators SIGCSE SIGCSE members are subscribed to both an information distribution list and a discussion list. APCS The College Board ...