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Since the purpose of the room is to offer guidance to users when they need it, and a scholastic environment theme is developing for our site, I suggest that we name this room the Guidance Office.


"The Classroom" would fit well with "The Guidance Office" for the question help room.


When comments start to get a bit off topic, it might be a good idea to continue the discussion in Office Hours.


Second suggestions: The drawing board. It's nice because when something we discuss there doesn't work, we say "back to the drawing board". And the chat is where we sketch ideas (that sometimes become meta essays or well-organized collaborations). So we draw outlines on the drawing board and later discuss them in meta.


"The Quad" The quad is defined as: a quadrangle, as on a college campus. It is typically a central location where people go to hang out or and/or discuss important issues. Events are held on the quad, and it's generally a central multi-purpose area.

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