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I'm really unsure what abstraction is supposed to mean, and it seems a vague (abstract, maybe - heh, puns) sort of tag that will probably get over used inconsistently. So I'd be for annihilation of that tag. For that, I'd remove it from all questions, since it's only applied to three, and the SE roomba will take care of it. As for program-structure, that ...


Thanks for pointing that out. I hadn't noticed that edit! I removed the edit, and invited OP to post an answer if they so choose. They disclosed their affiliation, so it wasn't breaking any rules. However, it was somewhat bad behavior in that OP was ignoring the answer and voting process to put their own autograder right at the top.


Before simply removing tags, it's best to let the discussion take its course first. We are probably working from different definitions of abstraction, hence the need for meta discussion and tag editing before removing tags. I use the following from the AP CS Principles Course Description: Big Idea 2: Abstraction Abstraction reduces information and ...

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